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A New Wave

It’s a new wave.

And it’s riding it well so to speak.

An epitome of amalgamating genres that are inundating contemporary music now.

While the youth jives and grooves to music comprising of new age genres like EDM , dub steps and Techno, a group from the heart of the nation had other ideas.
Aarambh - a Bhopal based rock band has been around in the social network.

Initially after releasing 'Koi Na Mile' - a well-received track to put it modestly,
Yours truly had the opportunity to have a tete-a-tete with one of the group - Anirudh Singh Gaur.

Normally musicians are supposed to be erudite in their craft, but a casual conversation revealed that there is plenty more from where that came from.

“Writing songs is very delicate as it should be thematic representation of human sentiments, with a touch of poignancy ingrained”.

There are no undertones of catharsis in Aarambh’s music - its classical rock fused with elements of Sufi.

And it’s brilliant.

Most of the up and coming Indian bands borrow heavily from their western elements - but Aarambh have ventured into uncharted territories with their first release.
Koi Na Mile was soon followed by more works like Ek Taara , Tanha and Kyun.
Although the subsequent album remained loyal with their debut release in terms of thematic flavour, they did showcase their versatility with Kahin na Kahin – a well-received track not just limited to the average college goer or social networking youth or the “Punk generation”(no pun intended).

'Its all-digital these days – he continues, no more are recordings done old school.We faced challenges-in terms of skill & technical infrastructure,we adapted and overcame.We have had to learn, relearn what we knew of music to come a long way.'

"And it has been worth it."

‘We have been in this for quite some time now - since our college days.’ - As quoted from a local media column.When asked about inspirations and idols,we got some renowned names.A fan of Sigur Ros and Green Day like me, the ace says that inspirations and adaptations are fine as long you remain true to your roots.Verily - it is quite honest to T if you observe the sheer number of instrumentals used in their compositions.

Anirudh composes lyrics and melody in tandem – a great gift. Being authentic is important it is said, whether you classify them as Sufi or Classical Rock.
Criticism has moulded them more in terms of character.They almost disbanded after having a stuttering start. But the team’s diligence along with the addition of bassist Tushar’s childhood friend Shivam renewed their siege in the Rock genre platform.And they did it in style.

Like the name of the group says,

This is is just the beginning.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chip of the old block

When the offspring inherits the qualities of the parents; it is often seen as something that confirms the identity of the progeny.We celebrate it,see it as passing of the proverbial torch in terms of virtues.

Yet when the kid matures all the same attributes that are causes of happiness bring about a sense of monotonicity. Somehow he must be creative,have original ideas and be special by himself.He goes to school, gets trained in the same disciplines as lacs of others who do the same.For Earths population close to six billion,it is close to impossible that everyone must be unique per se. Yet the scores of lectures for originality must go on.Somehow the neighbors son raises the bar for the homeboi. It is spiteful to even think that Raju is better than "Padous ka SharmaJi ka Beta" .This fictitious character is the bane of all kids of GenX.No one beats the neighbors son.In fact he is so good,that he will probably get the Nobel Prize someday.The neighbors kid is the symbol of envy,the topmost bar of success scales.He is the modern day super-boys kryptonite. He will have all the goods life has on offer while apna Raju struggles with getting the filth away from his own shirt.All the auntyji's sing his name-the Ramavatar in terms of being a scion.

Why cant you be more like him? 

Raju reluctantly gives up arguing,knowing it wont make sense.He is put up to match an illusion,a supposed character without flaws.An amalgam of the all the good features someone should have.Problem for him is humans are imperfect.Because that is what makes us human.Yet we are bred in the same pool of knowledge , the same ambiance of society and the same metrics of performance.So how can two persons be judged when they have so much in variance?Yet society keeps Raju in the metaphorical treadmill of  "career paths".

Here i quote my oft used lines:

"Here in a country like ours ...

  • The competitiveness has risen geometrically to cut-throat levels.
  • The competitiveness has risen as such , so much so that one could implement Charles Darwin's Theories of Evolution.

To satire or not to satire... 
  •  Imitation is a feature one should not have.(Even if the kid is actually good at it.)
  •  We are only cheap rip offs of our fathers.(I forgot the name of the Hero who said that. ;-) )

Life is meant to be fulfilling,it is no wonder homeboi loses his path,frustrated and confused about his place in the world.The scales are ruthless,there is no room for compromise.As he hits puberty ,he finds competition and also distractions in terms of of the birds and bees.The opposite gender gives him more competition,and also distracts him from his primary mission of being successful.College gives him freedom but also piggybacks the additional overheads of responsibilities.He picks up an instrument,like many others and in trying to forge his non-academic talents goes through a media of challenges.His taste in music varies.Pop gives way to Rock et al. He tastes the different kinds "beverages" and implements different types of recreations.He keeps up with his other unique buds in terms of style and brand know how.He must tattoo the fore of his crack-because that's what the cool kids do.He gets a job,and like scores of others has his thing planned.A post graduate degree to boot. Everybody does it,but hey, he must be different,right?
Le unique dude gets his first car.Also more responsibilities.A partner to share his life with(Well honestly,mostly wealth!!!).He keeps running the rat race,uniqueness notwithstanding.That is until he has his progeny do the same.

From cradle to the grave-
He is spoon fed the idea of fighting the competition.Like the popular soap ad that says:

"Dont Stop!"

He follows it - that is until he kicks the bucket.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mythological Mashups..

Just how many times have we heard of it?
Krishna being the Hindu equivalent of Cupid.
Buddha's teaching were implied as seminal
to birth of Christian beliefs.
One reckons if it were not just one of many
legends that have been shaped and forged by varying and eternally evolving cultures,we would have one singular mythological mold of "legends" that gave birth to the various religions and sects coming into the fore through the ages.Mythological tales have traversed through lands,languages.
They have been conformed,twisted,reformed and retold over and over again.
Its like watching spin offs of the same movie.
Its not just a thing of ancient or medieval times,its also been here
in the present.Modern modes of entertainment and hackneyed
story lines have ensured that mythological mash ups exist here and now.
We hear about such caricatures,don't we?
Movies and makers face censorship every time somebody crosses the line.
While its a hard one to advocate,one must always ensure that
celebrating the revered has its downside of hurting vulnerable sentiments.

Likewise, we have our own answer to Saint Valentine's Day-
(although not remotely related in anyway) Saraswati Puja.
A day that is primarily celebrated to propitiate the Hindu Goddess of
knowledge,has somehow been sheared into a day of romance for the yuppie clan.
Its no big an issue, people have their reasons to celebrate, but somehow one gets the
feeling that its the Occident that keeps devouring our society as a form of cultural imperialism.
The idea that must resonate that while cultures may evolve, mythologies translated,there must not be a mash up of the two.Its just not good-neither for them nor for us.